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As tempting as it might be it is, don’t dive right into creating! Have a look around and see what other designers are creating. You’ll be able to get an idea of styles you enjoy and could use for your marketing materials. You can either create a mood board with print marketing you’ve received or browse on the internet. You can “pin” images that you love through Pinterest (like what we’ve done here) and then use it as an online moodboard to help you find inspiration.

Additionally, there are websites such as Pinterest, Dribble and Designspiration If you are interested, why not look through our guidelines on how to create the perfect logo design for your business? Or , you could follow us on social media @instantprintuk to see what some of our amazing pet plastic card customers have come up with! A word of caution Although it’s okay to take inspiration from fellow designers on the internet, ensure that you don’t duplicate their work. Plagiarism is considered illegal and the purpose of researching what others do is to identify the right style for you which is unique to you and your preferences.

It is crucial having a simple and easy-to-read font essential for your design, especially when the goal is to promote your company the products and services you offer. It’s important to make it as easy as you can for your customers to understand what it is you have to offer. This is crucially important for materials that might just be viewed in passing, such as posters. Click here for tips on designing an amazing Poster!

But this isn’t all… the choice of branding fonts will also tell a lot about what kind of company you run. When customers first see your marketing materials (or any visual branding) they make an instant review of your company – and this could make the difference in whether they decide to spend money with your or with competitors.

There are four primary types of font: Sans, Slab, Serif and Script. Based on the type of font you’re using, whether you’re creating a logo for your business or creating a memorable menu or an About Us page for your website or an informative Flyer, it’s best to use a different type of font. To learn more about everything you should know about the art of typography, you can check out this blog.

From this point, there are multiple ways of picking out your color palette by selecting the colour closest to the one you’ve selected (complimentary) to picking the colours that are in the vicinity of your first color (analogous). We like Gigzey’s suggestions of how to go about this.

For your final colour palette, have a try experimenting with different shades and hues of these colours. Think about whether your style calls for warm or a cold colour scheme, or if you’re creating a Menu, think about ‘hungry’ colors. For more information on creating an appealing menu read our easy guide here. A study by Vogel and co. found that the brain can process visual information 60 times faster than any other type of content. If you’re designing something like a Roller Banner or Exhibition Stand, this is a really important thing to keep in mind as images will play a significant part in the design. The trick to selecting images that will fit with your brand’s aesthetic is to choose images that fit your needs.

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