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Serenity MedSpa is a national leader in thread lifting. Dr. Lisa Kang performs only this procedure at Serenity. Dr. Kang is highly experienced in thread lifting techniques and is familiar with the various thread types and techniques to ensure that the best results are achieved.

The original threadlift procedure began in late 1990s. This was still being used until the middle of 2000. The popularity of this procedure declined mainly due to the increased risk of infection and thread breaking. These threads were more difficult to work with because they had a harder, barbed structure. To hold on to the loose skin, you would need to Anti Wrinkle Injections Sydney anchor them into the temple, scalp, or brow. The knots used for anchoring these threads must be tied securely so that the thread does not release from their anchored place.

One problem with permanent threads was the inability to pull the skin in one direction. It made the results look two-dimensional. In order to achieve a good result, the thread lifting process required the skin to be pulled in a single direction. This caused the downtime to increase, similar to what is now called mini-facelift. These permanent threads made future surgery in that same area more difficult.

Gwyneth, an actress and wellness expert, was the first to cover the older thread-lifting procedure on Goop. Although it was not considered safe at the time, she called it an “underground” approach to anti-aging. The thread lifting procedure is experiencing a massive revival thanks to new research and FDA approval of more dissolvable needles. The older thread lifting method is now radically different. The original threads had permanent, nonabsorbable suture materials. They were meant to stay under the skin forever. Today’s threads can be completely dissolvable. The body naturally breaks down the threads over time. For many reasons, these absorbable threads perform better than older threads.

As we age we start to lose volume in the face, and our skin starts sagging. A shorter, squarer face can result. BOTOX(r), an injectable that smoothes wrinkles due to movement, is excellent for improving facial volume and deep lines. But there was still a gap in cosmetic dermatology. A nonsurgical way to lift sagging or sagging tissue to restore the face’s natural V-shape.

Traditional facelifts are a good way to reduce sagging skin. But it can also be expensive and time-consuming. Many people are afraid of “going under the knife”. You might not look natural and feel satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed. The thread lift can address sagging skin naturally and it is safe and effective. It is fast becoming the most popular treatment, especially for those who are busy and need to be able to resume daily activities quickly.

In the United States, there are two main types today of absorbable textile threads. These are the PDO threads (Polydioxanone), as well as PLGA/PLLA threads (poly lactic co-glycolic acid). PDO and PLGA can be safely used in different surgical areas for many years.

The most widely used threads in America are the NovaThreads PDO (Plug-in threads) or the Silhouette Instalift PLGA (PLGA threads), also known to be Silhouette Soft (European Silhouette Soft). These threads brought thread lifting back to the forefront. MINT PDO is FDA approved. This thread is stronger than other PDO threads.

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