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There are a variety of setups you can pick from for building sliding gates. Based on our years of knowledge and research we suggest this method for security, stability and aesthetics. This is suitable for wood and wrought iron/metal sliding gates that can accommodate any width and height. The major benefit of this is that it doesn’t require further welding or fabrication since all the components required are provided (either or without the purchase of the gate).

The second reason is that the majority of sliding gates are constructed in two parts. They are joined at the site. The gate’s one side will appear as an open gate, while the other side will have the overhang. When you have gates made of iron they are constructed so that sliding gate installation when they are closed position, looking from to the side they appear like a normal gate, with every edge of the frame is apparent. It is necessary to put an edge of safety on the opening and closing slam of your gates. This will ensure that , if the gates strike any object or person, the motor will sense this and reverse the gate.

Easy Gates were designed to provide an affordable way to purchase gate panels as well as fences for your yard. The gates and panels are cut to your specifications and is supplied with the needed hardware and fasteners required to assemble. For instance, the insert fencing panel will usually include sides channels, slats and fastener covers that are cut to fit along with fixes for channels as well as the slats. If you are able to use an electric drill and a pop rivet gun, you’re in the right direction!

If you wanted to purchase an automatic slider driveway gate, you would receive your principal framework corner braces, infill sections, fastener covers and sections that are cut to size and ready to be assemble with the fasteners. Additionally, if you require automation or hardware you’d receive items such as track wheels, guide rollers motor, remote controls and so on.

With the aid of a streamlined speed control, both sliding gate operators are able to provide very quiet operation, and is enhanced by a function for soft running. This makes sure that the sliding gate is moved with a gentleness to the desired end positions. This is not just a way to ensure that you benefit from the standard longevity of our SOMMER doors as well as gate operator, it also means the wear and tear on gates is considerably less.

A variety of safety devices and accessories are able to be connected to gates that slide, extending the range of their functions. In order that the installer is able to manage the many options, color-coded, pluggable connecting terminals can be utilized. Control units are placed horizontally, meaning that every connection is easily accessible and the most important components of the control are clearly accessible.

Photocells and other security devices are automatically recognized in the controller unit of STArter S2 or STArter S2+. If necessary the gate can be secured on both the inside and on the outside by incorporating a second security input

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